Inspire. Equip. Expand.

What does “Inspire Equip Expand” mean?

Team 865’s mission statement is “Inspire. Equip. and Expand.” By doing this we involve and enrich as many people as possible in FIRST and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math). We start by inspiring others. We achieve this by bringing attention to FIRST and STEAM through outreach. We engage as many people as we can with activities targeted to people of every age. Once we spark an interest, we equip them with the skills they need to succeed. We are constantly passing on knowledge, skills, and providing access to our resources for all interested. To expand, we work with sponsors to grow our outreach and ensure members of FIRST have a bright future post-secondary.  This includes reaching across borders to expand our outreach, conferencing with sponsors regularly, and inspiring others to start the process again.


One of the biggest parts of our inspiring includes various outreach events of which more details can be found here:

One of the things we focus on in our outreach is inspiring girls. We understand that unfortunately, STEAM is a very male-dominated field, and females often have trouble realizing that Science and Technology aren’t just for boys. To counter this, we set up multiple coding competitions such as Hackergals and Girls Who Code.


Once we have encaptured people’s interests, we keep them engaged by fueling that passion with resources. This includes initiative such as our DREAM Project.

WARP7 has also made our scouting data available, and our 2019 scouting app is available to download here:

Our CAD for our 2017 robot Cosmos is here: and our 2018 and 2019 CAD will soon be available

Our code is also available at

Over the years, WARP7 has mentored and supported 12 FRC teams, 11 FLL teams, and 2 FLL Jr. teams. The numbers can be found here:


We are working to add more FIRST and STEAM our community! With partnerships with companies, we’ve been working to start new outreach initiatives. Below is a list of ideas we’re currently working on. Interested in sponsoring any of the events? Click here for details on how to do so!

-Community FLL team

-Community FRC team

-Community FLL Jr. team

-WARP7 social event (name not decided yet)

-Robotics at Sick Kids

-Summer program

-Girl Guides

-New robot funding program…..

And more coming soon!